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An Easter Ode to Wood

O Wood, are you sad today and feel the pain

Of nails keeping fast the body of your Lord?

Rather rejoice that you and He both achieved

the purpose for which God sent the Holy word.

You and all things green, with Isaiah's snow and rain

Have given freely of oxygen, fruit and grain

For man to sow and eat, abundant harvest

For all God's creatures, food by Heaven blest.

While He you bore, the word of God, to Heaven

Will soon return; Satan beaten, sin forgiven,

So too will you, with heat from the soldier's fire,

Free the CO2 that made you what you are.

O Man, have you yet fulfilled your Lord's command

When you in time are returned to sender?

Can you like Him proclaim, "it is finished"

Ere to your Lord you praise eternal render?

    From Isaiah 55: 10, 11                                                                               Terry Connellan 28.03.2021

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