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August 2020

“I’m Free”.


I expect that for most of us when we read the  words “I’m Free” immediately think of the very camp (am I allowed to say that?) Mr. Humphries played by John Inman in the 1970’s TV sitcom “Are You Being Served”.


During the lockdown in March, April and May when restrictions were greatest, many have felt imprisoned in their own homes and subject to rigorous measures controlling their freedom, the like of which many of us have never before experienced.

This has put enormous pressures on individuals both physically and mentally but, on the flip side has brought out the caring, compassionate nature of not only our wonderful NHS and Care Workers but also many younger folk who have been prepared to go the extra mile to help those who have had to isolate.


Now we have a limited amount of freedom, which is increasing week on week. With the gradual lifting of restrictions, we have witnessed two kinds of responses:

  • Those who wanted to, or actually did, rush off to the beach or hold parties to celebrate; and

  • Those who have ventured forth more cautiously.

You will know into which camp you fall.


It occurs to me that the Christian faith is very similar.

On reflection our life before we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour must have been very  like the imprisonment many have felt during the Pandemic.


Once we let Jesus into our lives we became free from the constraints of our former existence and were able to enjoy a newfound freedom from the things which had previously constrained us.


Whether we rushed headlong into the Christian life or ventured forth more cautiously is immaterial as we know with the certainty of our faith that Jesus is there walking beside us and encouraging us every step of the way.


Many non-believers think that we are shackled and restricted by our faith. It is our duty to tell them that the opposite is the truth.

“We are Free, Hallelujah”.

Barry Streets.

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