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January 2021


A boy told his father, "Dad, if three frogs were sitting on a limb that hung over a pool, and one frog decided to jump off into the pool, how many frogs would be left on the limb?" The dad replied, "Two." "No," the son replied. "There are three frogs, and one decides to jump, how many are left?" The dad said, "Oh, I get it, if one decides to jump, the others would too. So, there are none left." The boy said, "No dad, the answer is three. The frog only DECIDED to jump."

Does that sound like last year’s resolution? Great inspiration and great resolutions, but often times we only decide, and months later we are still on the same limb of do-nothing.

From the age of 12 to 30, all we know about Jesus is this…

Luk 2:52  And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. 

The Greek for grew is prokoptis, (To drive forward as if by beating and thrashing.)

Actions speak louder than words.

We need ‘proactive intentionality, (I like these big words!).

Simply write down your intentions for 2021 using 3 headings…

  1. Purpose.

Please read the Bible references below to discover your purpose.

Rom.14:8; 1.Cor.6:19-20; Phil.2:12-13; 1.Cor.10:31; Eph.2:10; Matt.6:33.

My personal definition is, “To love and follow His direction.”


Literally write down 3 to 5 priorities, the big things.

Have you seen demonstrated the 5 x big balls, loads of sand, and a big glass jar? If you let the rubbish sand, (i.e, tv, facebook, etc) fill your available time, (the jar), you cannot fit all 5 x big balls, (important priorities) in. However, if you intentionally put your intentional priorities into you glass jar, (diary) first, then you can allow the rubbish stuff to come in after. It is good that the second method gets more in but is of huge benefit all 5 priorities are achieved.


Write stuff down daily. If it is reactive, then reflect in a journal. If it is linked to the above, proactive, write it in your 2021 plan.

Derek preached to Dyke tonight including, “We are never too old”, “age is no barrier”, “let’s confidently tell those willing to hear how/why we have a relationship with Jesus”

Each year seems to pass quicker. Our earthly time is finite. Let’s get on with it like Jesus did.

Once you have decided to jump, and you have written a flexible plan, then jump!

Rev Andy McManus.

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