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A prayer for the NHS

Heavenly Father,

In this time of trial, anxiety and fear we turn to You; we lift up to You in prayer the concerns of our hearts.

We give thanks for the men and women of our NHS; heavily burdened right now but dedicated to serving others.

We pray for their safety, their protection as the current situation continues. We pray for their own health and wellbeing both physical and mental. We ask that they can rest and recover while the demands on them are great.

We pray that all necessary resources will become available both for their personal protection and for the treatment of those in their care.

Lord we ask that You would hold them in Your hand; lift them up when they feel week; strengthen them when the burden becomes too great.

Keep us all mindful too of every one of them and their tireless efforts, serving our nation.

Lord, we commit them all into Your care.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord




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